Who Am I?

Growing up I never really knew what I wanted to be or do, all I knew was that I wanted to live close to the sea and travel the world. The travel bug bit when I was 17 and got the opportunity to do a 2 month exchange program in Brazil. Since then I’ve travelled to almost 30 countries on 4 continents.

Cape Town is where the wife and I call home. Give me a cup of good coffee, a day by the beach and a Lonely Planet and I’m as happy as can be. We are the god parents to a beautiful Staffie pup and try to spend as much time with her as possible.

Rambling Roamer started as an Instagram account. The phrase really resonates well with me as I am in a constant state of roaming and my ramblings are captured here.

This blog will mostly reflect the adventures my wife and I are up to. At the moment we are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago in September and then we will be relocating to Vietnam where we will teach English and travel throughout South East Asia. I will also try and write about what’s new and happening in the world of online travel marketing as this is one of my passions!


Hope you enjoy!

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