5 Reasons why I love Cape Town

I will soon be leaving Cape Town on a self-proclaimed sabbatical to Europe and Asia. Over the past 5 years I have fallen deeply in love with this city and will miss it dearly.  Here are my 5 reasons why Cape Town is one of the best cities I’ve lived in:

#1 Table Mountain

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The majestic presence of Table Mountain constantly reminds that you are surrounded by beauty. Not only is Table Mountain synonymous with Cape Town it is often a beacon for direction. As long as you can find the mountain in your rear view mirror you can orient yourself.

#2 The Coast

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Cape Town is surrounded by kilometers of coast and the scenery never disappointing.  From rocky shores to white sandy beaches. No matter what the season the beach is a great place to chill.  And this is where Capetonians come out to play!

#3 The Sunsets

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The Atlantic Seaboard and West Coast has the most perfect sunsets. One can not help but be inspired by the absolute beauty that is a Cape Town sunset.  In winter the sunsets are very dramatic and the sky comes alive in hues of orange, pink and purple.

#4 The Food

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The restaurant scene in Cape Town is booming and I have one satisfied belly to prove this. With so many world class options to choose from the what’s-for-dinner debacle is never a question of what but rather where!

#5 The Coffee

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Thankfully the Cape Town coffee scene has not been flooded by the American franchises and good quality, fair trade coffee is widely available. From local micro-roasters to local chains the you are more than likely to get you caffeine fix!